Siguiendo Los Pasos del Nino Perdido/Following the Steps of the Lost Child, 2017, Acrylic on beacon flags used by humanitarian aid group Water Stations, 29 12 x 47 in.


Mills College Art Museum Collection, Museum Purchase, Selected by Simone Gage, Sage Gaspar, Sydney Pearce, Melika Sebihi, and Taya Wyatt, students in the Mills College Fall 2020 Museum Studies Workshop

As an experimental composer, sonic architect, and performance artist, Guillermo Galindo redefines the conventional boundaries of music and the practice of music composition. A Mexico City-born artist now based in Oakland, his present work focuses on bringing attention to humanitarian and socio-political issues. Galindo’s works from his flag series are printed directly onto a group of faded, weathered flags found at the border. Provided to the project by the humanitarian citizen organization Water Stations, these discarded flags were once used to indicate the presence of water tanks placed throughout the Calexico desert for migrant border crossers. In Siguiendo Los Pasos del Niño Perdido/Following the Steps of the Lost Child, Galindo embroiders a looping trail of a child lost in the desert. The crossing lines create an intricate network of traces, suggesting the steps of a lost child while also operating as a score for a musical composition. Galindo received his MA in composition and electronic music from Mills College.