• Sequoia Belk-Hurst
    Picture of Sequoia Belk-Hurst
    Sequoia Belk-Hurst engages the fragile boundaries between the artist's self, their tools, and the art object through a corporeal creative practice. Their contribution to Fault Lines includes sculptures, prints, and drawings made with, by, and of their own body.
  • Téa Blatt
    Picture of Téa Blatt
    In this body of mixed media work, Téa An-Yi Blatt works through the idea of solitude and self-reflection. Why do we hold on to the things that we do? What about collecting them makes us feel secure? The artist explores these themes through objects and ideas collected from the spaces she inhabits.
  • L.A. Bonet
    Picture of L.A. Bonet
    L.A. Bonet’s immersive installations tackle oppositions through music, painting, sculptural, and theatrical elements. These installations illustrate stages of grief and the humorous anxiety of alternative facts. IG: @astronauticalvelociraptor @newsroomforademon
  • De'Ana Brownfield
    Picture of De'Ana Brownfield
    De’Ana Brownfield explores themes around Afrikan mythology and the narratives of women from the Afrikan diaspora as embodiments of God and reincarnations of ancestors. Through painting and traditional Afrikan dyeing methods, she investigates decolonization and reclamation of Black bodies as divine.
  • Carla Cardenas
    Picture of Carla Cardenas
    In my current art practice I primarily paint and work with ceramics. In addition to these methods I also incorporate a variety of materials such as wax and beads. Conceptually, my work is unique because it explores things that happened in my childhood, while addressing contemporary concerns that affect my community.
  • Lexi Castillo
    Picture of Lexi Castillo
    Lexi Castillo’s work reflects memories and experiences. Using plaster, metal, string and wood, she creates sculptural installations as a means to inspire compassion and connect differences.
  • Sarah Frances
    Picture of Sarah Frances
    Sarah Frances’ work for Fault Lines includes photo documentation of her ongoing piece Ivy Shroud (2019-present), and the animated short film Hot as You Can Stand (2020). Ivy Shroud involves the continual removal of invasive English ivy from the land and the weaving of it into wearable objects, and Hot as You Can Stand documents the life cycle of the Pacific Salmon.
  • Slaone Gershov
    Picture of Slaone Gershov
    Sloane Gershov’s sculptural and photographic work is a contemplation on the nature of the body and spirit in relation to time and place. She explores this duality primarily with metal and paper to create biomorphic sculptures. IG: @sloanegershov
  • Danielle La Fontaine
    Picture of Danielle La Fontaine
    In her current project, Danielle La Fontaine explores her relationships with time, memory, a sense of self, touch, and home. Continuing her work with physical touch in the gallery space she is using darkroom photography, paint, clay, and found objects. IG: @ellie.troi
  • Thea Moerman
    Dorothea Moerman is a Jewish femme dyke artist. Born and raised in New York, she currently lives in Oakland. Dorothea’s work examines Jewish ritual objects, the overlap of sexuality and spirituality, and cultural memory using traditional crafts and techniques such as natural dyeing, letterpress printing, and bookbinding.
  • Raissa Palacios
    Picture of Raissa Palacios
    Raissa Palacios reflects on personal relationships with clothing through textile manipulation and design. She embraces the ephemerality of cloth and works to deconstruct the boundaries between fashion and art. Her influences include Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, Mary Quant, ABBA, quinceañera dresses, and aquariums. She was born, raised, and is currently living in East Oakland, California. IG: @raissapala
  • Yana Sternberger-Moye
    Picture of Yana Sternberger-Moye
    My work titled Healing Lovers consists of a series of colorful and vibrant paintings and sculptures that explore the ways in which I have used BDSM to aid in the healing of trauma. In this work, BDSM becomes the container for self-discovery, play, catharsis, establishment of boundaries, pleasure, tenderness, honesty, safety, and the practice of care. The work will aim to show the beauty and affection that occurs between two people who are completely honest and vulnerable with each other. IG: @thequeerscorpio
  • Ellis Teare
    Picture of Ellis Teare
    Ellis Teare makes sculptures and installations around medieval myth and magic. Using a wide variety of materials such as metal, leaves, ribbons, and clay, she incorporates classic items and ideas from fairy tales and mythology, revised in her own way, and presented as whimsical yet serious.
  • Rowan Weir
    Picture of Rowan Weir
    Rowan Weir is a human in the Anthropocene epoch, invested in pursuing core primary elements and most basic components comprising complex systems. Through painting and sculpture, she discovers subtle fluctuations within perception, cognition, and memory: the mechanisms by which we process and relate to the elegant machinery of the universe.

Last Updated: 8/30/23