In Plain Sight is a timely and ambitious exhibition that perfectly fits Mills College Art Museum’s mission to serve as a laboratory for contemporary artists and a forum for art and ideas of our time. The exhibition and publication showcase the work of Kathryn Andrews, casteneda/reiman (the collaborative practice of Charlie Castaneda and Brody Reiman), Dario Robleto, and Weston Teruya. I am deeply grateful for the artists’ participation and support of this exhibition and publication—each have contributed thoughtful and ambitious pieces for this project.

Exhibition curator Daniel Nevers has done an outstanding job in bringing together a remarkable group of artists. His insightful line of inquiry provides new and richly complex ways of understanding transformation and authenticity in our world. I appreciate the dedication, creativity, and good humor that he has brought to this exhibition and publication.

This exhibition and publication would not have been possible without the help of a multitude of supporters, partners, and contributors. I am indebted to writers Joanna Fiduccia and Anne Lesley Selcer for their perceptive texts that reveal new contexts and meaningful ways of seeing each artist’s work. This publication would not be possible without the hard work and commitment of MCAM’s Program Director, Jayna Swartzman-Brosky, who served as the publication’s copy editor, digital designer, and coordinator. In addition, I am grateful for the help of staff at the Getty in Los Angeles, who supported MCAM’s use of Quire, a new Getty-developed open-source platform for publishing digital publications.

In particular, I would like to thank the following individuals and institutions who graciously agreed to lend works from their collection for the exhibition, helped with research, and provided images for this publication: Alexandra Gaty at David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles; Kerry Inman at Inman Gallery, Houston; J. Ben Bourgeois, Scott Hoffman, Greg Hodes, and Joelle Rimokh. Many thanks go to Eli Thorne, MCAM’s Exhibition and Collection Manager, for skillfully managing the multiplicity of exhibition logistics, and to our art preparators, Ivan Navarro and Emma Spertus, for ensuring a smooth and beautiful installation.

The exhibitions and programs at Mills College Art Museum are supported by the Mills College administration, and I would like to thank Dr. Chinyere Oparah, Provost and Dean of the Faculty for her encouragement and confidence. Special thanks go to Joan Danforth, whose program endowment helps underwrite this exhibition.

—Stephanie Hanor, Director, Mills College Art Museum