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Labor and the Conditions of Protest with Tobi Haslett and Rachel Kushner NOV 18, 2021 LABOR AND THE CONDITIONS OF PROTEST: MILITANCY, REPRESENTATION, AND AESTHETICS WITH TOBI HASLETT AND RACHEL KUSHNER 5:30–6:30 pm, Mills Performing Arts Broadcasts
Co-presented with We Are the Voices
While the US novel has tended not to be a site that celebrates militancy, the art world has long taken up images of street protest even as its institutions are funded by military interests. How can artists and writers engage protest without, as the critic Tobi Haslett describes, becoming part of the apparatus through which "radical passion has been gutted, blunted, deflected, suppressed—and frozen into rhetoric, peddled as commodity"? Kushner, whose novels explore crucial histories of resistance, will join Haslett in discussion about what it means to represent militancy now.
Artist Talk: Lava Thomas, Wednesday, February 9, 2022, 7-8:30pm, Danforth Lecture Hall NOV 18, 2021 ARTIST TALK: LAVA THOMAS 7:00–8:30 pm, Danforth Lecture Hall Lava Thomas tackles issues of race, gender, representation and memorialization through a multidisciplinary practice that spans drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and site-specific installations. Drawing from her family’s Southern roots, current and historical socio-political events, intersectional feminism and African American protest and devotional traditions, Thomas’s practice centers ideas that amplify visibility, healing, and empowerment in the face of erasure, trauma and oppression. See Thomas’ work at MCAM in Personal to Political: Celebrating the African American Artists of the Paulson Fontaine Press (Jan 22–Mar 13, 2021).