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All MCAM exhibitions and programs are open to the public. Admission is free unless otherwise stated.

Tickets for At Length: 2021 Senior Thesis Exhibition MAR 30-APR 18, 2021 TIMED TICKETS FOR AT LENGTH: 2021 SENIOR THESIS EXHIBITIONMCAM is open by timed appointment only. All visitors must have a ticket, wear a mask, and fill out Mills' Daily Symptom Check before arrival.
An Evening of Studio Visits, APR 14, 6PM, ZOOM APR 14, 2021 AN EVENING OF STUDIO VISITS WITH THE ARTISTS OF AT LENGTH 6:00 pm, Zoom Event Join us for an evening of virtual studio visits with a selection of artists featured in At Length: 2021 Senior Thesis Exhibition. Visit with our graduating Studio Arts and Art & Technology majors. See how they have transformed their home environments to create studio space during the pandemic; hear how they motivate themselves to keep creating during these challenging times; get a preview of their in-progress work; and even learn a technique or two.
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Opening Reception | Crystal Ball: 2021 MFA Thesis Exhibition | MAY 14, 6PM, Zoom | Image by John Borruso MAY 14, 2021 OPENING RECEPTION FOR CRYSTAL BALL: 2021 MFA EXHIBITION 6:00 pm, Zoom Event Our opening reception for Crystal Ball, the 2021 Mills College MFA Exhibition, will include a virtual 360-degree gallery walkthrough accompanied by commentary from the artists.
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Thiago Mendes | How to Draw a Perfect Pineapple | May 17, 6PM, MCAM Instagram Live MAY 17, 2021 THIAGO MENDES | HOW TO DRAW A PERFECT PINEAPPLE 6:00–7:00 pm, Instagram Live @millsartmuseum In Brazil there's an expression commonly used when people have difficult problems or situations to solve: having to peel a pineapple. Join Thiago Mendes as he draws you the perfect pineapple, an object that appears in his art as a sign to talk about Brazilian struggles and hardships.
Sylvia Hughes-Gonzales | Tinsel Dream | May 19, 6PM, Twitch | Image: Getty Images MAY 19, 2021 SYLVIA HUGHES-GONZALES | TINSEL DREAM 6:00–7:00 pm, Twitch Live Stream MillsArtMuseum Sylvia Hughes-Gonzales works in sculpture and social action to address intersecting themes of celebration and destruction. Through this live stream of tinsel shimmering, Sylvia will showcase one of her favorite materials to work with. Viewers are invited to observe and meditate on tinsel’s alluring, garish, toxic, and ethereal qualities. The chat will be open for community engagement, and Q&A with Sylvia, for the duration of this performance.
Kara Nelson | Held In Teeth | May 26, 6PM, Zoom | Image: Divination Pendulum by Kara Nelson MAY 26, 2021 KARA NELSON | HELD IN TEETH 6:00–7:00 pm, Zoom Event Kara Nelson’s divination pendulums are created to balance the anxiety of uncertainty and the comfort of perceived knowledge. Like Kara’s other artworks exploring witchhood, her pendulum performances incorporate ritual and embrace what was once feared. This program will combine the serious practice of divination with candid, lighthearted interactions with the attendees.
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