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jun 6–JUL 22, 2018


A+P+I is an artist-in-residence program hosted by the Mills College Art Department and Mills College Art Museum. MCAM is please to showcase the work of the fourth round of artists to the program: Indira Allegra and Rebeca Bollinger. Each of these artists brings with them a unique approach to art-making and a commitment to research that compliments an academic setting. The residency fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and provides opportunities for the students, faculty, and staff of Mills College as well as the larger Bay Area arts community to interact, learn, and work with the visiting artists.

Indira Allegra, pen Casket IX (installation detail), 2018
Indira Allegra, pen Casket IX (installation detail), 2018

pen Casket IX (installation detail)

Indira Allegra

Allegra and Bollinger mine the properties of emotion to recover psychological territory from the systems and structures that enfold our personal and collective histories.

Indira Allegra works with tension as a creative material, exploring responses to political and emotional triggers through sculpture, poetry, and performance. Continuing her Open Casket series, Open Casket IX uses the weave structure of crepe, a textile commonly used to line the interior of caskets, as a starting point to create a new kind of memorial—one which explores the irregular, cyclical nature of grieving for those impacted by police violence. Open Casket IX uses online expressions of mourning to create a digital fabric that speaks, creating an installation that meditates on the role of digital media in the grieving process and the tension between immaterial and material realities when coping with death.

Rebeca Bollinger, Into the Matter (installation detail), 2018.
Rebeca Bollinger, Into the Matter (installation detail), 2018.

Into the Matter (installation detail)

Rebeca Bollinger

Rebeca Bollinger combines glass, bronze, ceramic, and poured aluminum sculptures with photography, video, and found images to register the stains and instabilities of memory and fiction. Her installation of new sculpture and photographs is part of Catalog of Stains, an ongoing writing project and archive that examines stains as memories, as events, and as characters in narratives and fiction. Catalog of Stains refers to the distortion of time and the perception of physical spaces including hidden spaces within Mills and vestiges of architect Julia Morgan.

Mills has a long tradition of supporting artists, and this residency continues the campus' important role as a site for exploring new ideas in the arts.

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The 2017 A+P+I Artist Residency is supported through the generosity of the Helzel Family Foundation and the Sylvan C. Coleman Foundation in memory of Barbara Coleman Frey.